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2013 New Year’s Resolutions that your Hair will Love

Can you believe 2013 is next week? The whole New Year’s resolution thing gets me very excited.  It’s a good exercise not only because of the hope it brings for an upcoming new year and fresh start, but it also requires reflection and for me, a strong appreciation for the last year.

New Years Resolutions your Hair will Love

It’s interesting to think about what resolutions people make and why, the inspiration behind the decision, and whether they’ll follow through.  There are of course the standard resolutions and those that are unique as we are.  At Ovation we’re motivated by hair health so that is one thing I consider when deciding what resolutions to make.

These resolution ideas will not only make you feel great, they will give your hair a happy new year too!

Drink more water – Drinking more water is a great resolution because it’s measurable, attainable, wonderful for overall health and the health of your hair!  Each strand of hair is made up of about 25% water, so your hair needs to stay hydrated to remain healthy.  The scalp also needs water to keep the hair shaft moisturized.  Each person should drink half their weight in oz of water per day.  Whether this means cutting down on other drinks like sodas or just increasing your water intake, this is one easy resolution that has huge rewards.

Eat healthier, no junk food – Eating healthy is by far one of the most notorious of resolutions and probably also one of the first to be abandoned.  Choosing a healthy diet benefits your hair immensely because it’s the most effective way for your body to get the nutrients it needs.  If your body isn’t getting those nutrients, your scalp health becomes less of a priority and can deteriorate.

Know that healthy is an important word here and eating healthier and decreasing junk food is very different than losing weight in an unhealthy way.  Severe weight loss and crash diets are one of the main reasons for hair loss.

Take a multivitamin – As mentioned above, the best thing you can do for your hair is to make sure your body is healthy, but even eating healthy doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Taking a daily multivitamin will provide you with a great source of vitamins and minerals that are crucial to good health.  Another huge benefit to taking the right multivitamin is that it will keep your scalp, hair, and skin healthy as well.

We recently launched a multivitamin that includes vitamins that do just that. The Ovation Multivitamin also has added extracts from all natural roots, herbs, plants, and fruits that are known for their health and hair benefits.

Go natural – Many people are not only introducing natural and organic food items into their diets, but are also committing to the use of naturally derived body and hair care products. After all, these items are being consumed too when absorbed into the skin.  By purchasing naturally derived products, you’re getting higher quality ingredients which of course make your scalp happy. You’re also avoiding harsh chemicals that could be building up on your scalp, causing irritation and possibly even worse.

Ovation products are naturally derived and contain vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, and aromatherapy scents that all work to promote healthy hair.

Quit smoking – We all know that smoking causes all types of health problems, so while your lungs and heart will be very happy without nicotine, so will your hair. Smoking is said to induce both premature hair loss and graying because it interferes with the circulation that the scalp and follicle need. Carbon Monoxide and other toxins found in cigarettes make it difficult for your cells to reproduce into healthy cells, including the cells needed for hair growth and strength.

When it comes to resolutions, the options are endless so whether you choose a resolution that benefits your hair or not, make this New Year a great one and may 2013 be your best year yet!


–          Emily

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Holiday Party Hairstyles you can do at Home

Holiday parties are one of the reasons I love this time of year.  Maybe it’s the holiday music, the comfort food, or the spiked eggnog that brings out the happy in all of us.  Whether your fellow-party goers are friends, family, or co-workers, occasions like these are a great excuse to go glam.  Holiday parties are one of the few times a year that it’s completely appropriate to pull out that sequin covered dress or sparkly stilettos.  They are also one of the only times that most adults get a reason to rock an up-do or other formal hair style.  While this fun and great, it’s also precisely why some of us don’t even know where to start.

Holiday Party Hairstyles you can do at Home

As much as I’d love to have my hair professionally done for special occasions like holiday parties, it’s usually hard to make that happen.  This means that by doing it on my own, I need not only inspiration and help deciding on a do, but also a step-by-step instruction guide on how to create it.

It’s times like these that I turn to Pinterest.  Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration and ideas for up-dos and DIY hair styles.  The Ovation Pinterest page of course has several hair related boards, but one in particular is great if you’re looking for hair tutorials.  We’ve put together a board of “Hair How-Tos” that include classy, formal hairstyles, perfect for occasions like a holiday party, but are easy enough to do at home on your own and in under an hour. Whether you’re looking to wear your hair down, up, or somewhere in-between our board includes ideas that are sure to make your decision and holiday party hair prep a bit easier.

Here are some of my favorites from our Hair How To Board –

Vintage Waves – The vintage wave look is definitely a popular one and is a great way to curl your hair in maybe a different way than you normally do.  Because it is a different curl, I recommend a trial run, just so you know that it works on your hair type.  By the time your holiday parties come around, you’ll be able to pull it off in no time. Vintage waves works really well with cocktail attire and vintage accessories making it a brilliant look for winter parties.

Mini Twisted Buns – The best part about the mini bun look is that there is no exact way to create them.  I personally like the fact that that the style is intended to look a bit messy, meaning you can mess it up and pull it off all at the same time! It’s great for hair of all types and lengths and is the easiest of the styles mentioned.

Braided HaloFor longer hair styles, the braided halo is a beautiful style for dressy occasions. There are several ways to create the halo, but each is classy, polished and hip.  Braids in any form are trendy so if your hair isn’t long enough for a halo, you can always wrap a braid around a bun or add braided strands to an elegant ponytail.

No-Tease Bouffant – This bouffant tutorial is one of my favorites on Pinterest because I love any tip to help add volume without hair teasing.  This voluminous bouffant looks pretty as it’s shown on our board (worn half down), but also would look great with a ponytail or bun.

Another way to take your hair from “everyday” to “holiday” is to add a festive hair accessory.  A shiny or sparkly headpiece, headband or decorated bobby pins adds holiday cheer and makes whatever style you choose more sophisticated.  If the above dos aren’t for you, check out the entire board and Ovation Pinterest page for additional ideas, inspiration and just plain pretty hair!

Remember that any hair style is only enhanced by hair products like a Thermal Protection Spray and a Volume Enhancer, especially sulfate free products like Ovation’s.

Good luck, have fun and happy holidays!

–          Emily

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