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Ovation Hair Product Reviews

I wanted to give a thank you shout out to Tammy S. who sent us this review last week!

“This product is AMAZING and my hair has never looked better or fuller! I have baby fine hair and since my children and Thyroid problems [it]has gone really sparse on the top. Since I have used the Shampoo and Crème rinse it is so full and shiny! People complement me all the time! I am slowly using the treatment because I wanted to see if I liked the other stuff first and I do!!!! I will be going all in with all the products. I also am using the Volumizer and Thermal protector. I cannot thank you enough for having this so I can be happy about doing my hair again!!!

Thanks so much!!”

While on the subject of client testimonials, I wanted to share our YouTube page for those who haven’t seen it.  It’s a place to see reviews from both male and female clients with all hair types.

Ovation Hair Product Reviews on You Tube


Enjoy your weekend! – Emily

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Beat the Heat with These Easy Up-Dos

This late-summer heat wave is a perfect excuse not to spend hours styling your hair, but it’s definitely not the time to neglect your style in general.  Luckily, it has inspired some fun, chic, and easy-to-style dos that are guaranteed to keep you cool (in more ways than one).

These three styles not only beat the heat, but are my favorite because whether you’re headed to the office, back-to-school, or even to the grocery store, they’ll save you time.  In ten minutes or less, your hair will be ready for the day…and the best part, no one has to know!

The oh-so-popular top knot – By far the coolest of options, the top knot bun can be worn tight or messy. To embrace your inner hipster, pull a tight pony extra high and create a tidy bun. The top knot is best when wanting to show off a fun collar or statement necklace and is my absolute favorite when accompanied by blunt bangs.

The fishtail braid – This takes a bit more time and even a little practice, but is a great option if you’re looking to dress up a casual outfit or to compliment a classy look in no time.  Since I haven’t attempted a fishtail braid since grade school, this tutorial helped me immensely.  I love how with this look, imperfections are encouraged.

Messy low bun – Whether your hair is long or short, you can achieve the beautiful-mess look by creating a low bun from a super loose pony. In my opinion, the more disheveled the bun looks, the better so run your fingers through and pull some hair down in front. The best part of the messy bun is that you can really make it your own.   If you have fine hair and want to add to your mini-bun, try the sock approach. If you want to mess it up to the max, pull it to the side or add some intermittent braids.

Photo credits: instyle.com & wwen.com

Which look do you like best? I’d love to know!

In the meantime, stay “cool.” – Emily

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Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair from Ovation Hair Products

At Ovation Hair, we offer products made with natural ingredients designed to help your hair’s health, shine and texture. The Ovation Cell Therapy system has been used by customers all over the world. See below some of their feedback. For more information, please visit www.OvationHair.com and join the Ovation Nation today!

“THANK YOU LOVE THE PRODUCT and will keep using them!”

“I am totally pleased withe the Cell Therapy Product & fully in intend on continuing to use the ovation products!  I have recommended the products to several of my friends!!!”

“I am enjoying the products.  They really do leave my hair feeling a lot from other shampoos and conditioners I have used before.”

“It definitely made my hair much stronger than what it ever was.”

“I like the spray on volume product and the thermal protection product. The volume product actually makes my hair wavy and fuller. i have very thin hair i use it everyday.”

“Thank You this product Is Amazing”

Thanks to all of our customers who take the time to share their stories. Keep them coming!

Your Ovation Hair Team

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Ovation Hair is “LIVE” at the San Diego County Fair

Stop by Ovation Hair’s booth the San Diego county fair opening June 8th!

Visit the Ovation Hair booth at the upcoming California Summer Fairs.

Ovation Hair is pleased to announce that it will be onsite at the upcoming summer events including the San Diego County Fair, the Orange County Fair and the Los Angeles County Fair. The Ovation Hair booth always attracts a large crowd of men and women seeking information about their products, from the Ovation Cell Therapy system to the Men’s Max Pack to their styling products. The San Diego County Fair starts June 8th and ends July 4th. The Orange County Fair starts July 13th and the Los Angeles County Fair starts August 31st.

“We enjoy being onsite at the Southern California fairs and interacting with our customers in person. At Ovation Hair, we are committed to helping you grow thicker, stronger, longer hair and sharing these products with your friends and family,” says Vice President of Sales, Carlee Cayton.

Ovation Hair is also updating their testimonial library, for both for their website and the “Ovation Nation” online presence.  There will be a screening process for clients who want to participate by providing testimonials.  “We will be taking photographs and asking clients to write down what they love about Ovation.  Then we will follow up with clients after the fairs,” states Carlee Cayton.  Customer service representatives from Ovation Hair will be on site to set appointments for the customer testimonials.

The Ovation Hair website at www.OvationHair.com provides more information about all of the Ovation Hair products. All product formulas include vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, and aromatherapy scents that blend and complement each other to provide the best results. Join their Facebook page and subscribe to their Blog to give your feedback and receive updates on Ovation Hair products and discounts. Become a member and receive special offers on member-only products while also earning points for discounts.

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Longer Hair, Stronger Hair, Thicker Hair from Ovation Cell Therapy

The Ovation Nation continues to grow and more Ovation Cell Therapy customers are seeing the results of longer hair, stronger hair, and thicker hair. The testimonials below say it all:

“I was really pleased with the outcome, im a huge skeptic, I was absolutely blown away and have told all my friends, i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get more out of their haircare products.”

“I used the ovation cell therapy for a month the first time.  I didn’t think there was much improvement in my hair so I stopped using it for a month.  It was at this point i realized that it had mad a huge difference in my hair.  You don’t really realize how much something is working until you stop it for a bit and then go back to it.  I have been back using it for a month now, and i am thrilled.  my hair is thicker, healthies, and shinier.  I use to have to curl my hair every day so that it looked healthier and i could hide the dry ends.  Now I don’t have to do anything with it if I don’t feel like it because it looks nice when it dries naturally.  I am receiving many compliments on my hair.  People are even asking me if I have had my hair done recently. Katherine”

“I’m really pleased with Ovation, I didn’t think there was any product out there like this.MB”

“I lOVE your product!! I used this product because of a radio ad…it’s done what you said…my hair is thicker,longer,stronger than ever before!! I love the thermal protect and styling spray as well…thankyou! EB”

“I had locks for 12 years and I decided to cut them off. I wanted to wear my hair natural, so I bought the ovation three months prior to cutting off my locks. I truly like the results that i am getting from using the products. People who knows me are amazed at how fast my has grown. The products really smell good. When i’m asked what I use on my hair I tell them about Ovation Products. Lee”

“It’s a good product. I would really like for it to stay on the market. Thanks to the maker of this product… it’s a life saver.”

Visit www.OvationHair.com to purchase the Ovation Hair products. 100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.


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Audrey Sivasothy puts Ovation to the Test!


Recently, Audrey Sivasothy put Ovation to the test! 

As she has used Ovation, she described it simply as:

“Stronger hair?

Yes. If stronger hair is your goal, then you’ll definitely find it with Ovation Cell Therapy. Used together, the shampoo, conditioner, and creme rinse will infuse your hair with strength you never imagined.

Thicker Hair

Ovation Cell Therapy thickened my strands on the first use. I could feel the texture of my hair improving with the product as I used it over the weeks. It is very similar to most protein rich conditioning systems that deposit large proteins on the cuticle and give the feeling of thicker shafts.”

Check out the rest of her journey as she describes Ovation from her first use to what she has concluded about it here, on her blog:


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Real Life Testimonials!

“People who did not know I was using the product have commented on my hair and asked if I was doing something different. They ordered your product after I told them about it! My hairdresser also has remarked on the improvement. My hair takes my color differently and looks a lot more natural – I love it! Thank you, Ovation!”

Judy: South Gate, Ca.

“I have significant hair loss on the front of my scalp. What I didn’t realize until I saw this – and so did my husband and hairdresser. On both sides of my forehead hairline, I’ve grown hair I didn’t know was missing. I was very focused on the front top of my head and have considered surgery. That did not feel like the choice I wanted to make. I’ve invested in a laser comb and while some results were coming, it is hard to get into the habit of using it. With this, I wash my hair daily and use the complete package every other day. I have told others at my hairdressers about this product. Don’t change a thing! Thank you so much for this product. I took a risk and so far so good! It is paying off. PS: I told my husband I wanted it for my Christmas present this year! It’s a good gift!”

Rose: Glendale, Ca.
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Real Life Testimonials!

“I am very satisfied with the Ovation products. Even though I haven’t used all of the products in 3 months, I will order some more before I run out. My apartment manager noticed that my hair is growing. She asked me what was I using. I told Ovation, Ovation, Ovation. I gave her information on it to see if she wanted to try it out. I will continue to spread the word around – Thank you!”

Veronica: Oakland, Ca.

“My hair seems stronger, less breakage, and shedding. It is definitely a lot more manageable and less tangled. I can go longer without shampooing; and my hair is doing better as a result. I had a horrible haircut where the stylist really thinned my hair around my face. With a trim from a different stylist, time, and the Ovation hair products, it is vastly improved. I will continue to use the products. thank you. My hair seems stronger, less breakage, and shedding. It is definitely a lot more manageable and less tangled. I can go longer without shampooing and my hair is doing better as a result. I had a horrible haircut where the stylist really thinned my hair around my face. with a trim from a different stylist, time, and the ovation hair products, it is vastly improved. unsure about the hair growth, but I will continue to use the products. Thank you!”

Teri: Carlsbad, Ca.

“I’ve used Ovation for over a year now and won’t go back to anything else!!! I absolutely love it! I noticed a significant difference in my hair after using it for only a few times. I’ve always had a problem in humid weather with my hair being frizzy. Now that I’m using Ovation, it’s under control! Even though my hair is a silvery white, the texture is much better when using Ovation. It is shiny – not more little fly-a-ways sticking up out of control! I truly believe this is the first product that I’ve ever used that really lives up to it’s claim. I’ve recommended this product to both of my daughters and they are extremely satisfied. My youngest daughter was quite the skeptic about the product but I purchased the Gift Set for her for Christmas. After a couple of times using it even she said that this is the only product that she has EVER used that truly lives up to it’s claim. She loves it and her hair has really improved. Even her co-workers asked what she was using. She said they could really see a difference in her hair. Thank you for making such a quality product!!!!!!!!!”

Debbie: Justin, Tx.
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Real Life Testimonials!

“I had been having a significant change in my hair. I am a nurse. A coworker in our Liver transplant Clinic stated they recommended your product to patients. I have tried it and am very pleased. I told my hairdresser about your product. She was doubtful at first; but is now recommending your product to her other clients, as a result of seeing what your products have done for me. Thank you!!”

Kathy: Houston, Tx.

“I love the products! My hair is short and very fine. Since using Ovation, my hair looks healthier, feels fuller, easier to manage and growing faster. I’ve thrown away all my old shampoos. I’m strictly an Ovation gal now!”

Carol: Marina Del Rey, Ca.

“Not only am I noticing the difference, but the people around me as well! Thank you so much!!!”

Naveen: El Cajon, Ca.
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