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Tips to avoid hair breakage – Thicker Hair is Possible!

Hair breakage happens to the best of us and unfortunately, it’s pretty much unavoidable. Breakage is what can make hair feel coarse and dry, and when really bad, unhealthy and thin.

Ovation Hair - Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

There is good news though; you can significantly reduce hair breakage by taking these simple steps.

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet – When your hair is soaking wet, it’s at its weakest state. Vigorously brushing through wet hair will most definitely cause strands to break.  The best thing is to wait until it’s dry or at least drier.  If you can’t wait, gently use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle it instead of a brush.  In general, being a little more gentle on your hair can make a big different in the amount of breakage you experience.

Avoid heat styling as much as possible – It is best to avoid heat styling completely, but that would be near impossible for many of us.  Even blow drying for less time or decreasing the use of curling and flat irons a few days a week will help. Another way to avoid heat damage and breakage is to use a thermal or heat protection spray everyday and especially before styling.

Trim your hair regularly – Although you can decrease the amount of split ends, they are inevitable. Once you have them, the only way to get rid of them and the best way to prevent further damage, is to trim them off.   A split end can work its way up the hair strand making it weak and the hair will eventually break off.

Avoid tight hairstyles- Tight hairstyles like ponytails and buns can pull the hair a bit too much, causing it to break. Tight braids, extensions, and other longer-term styles are especially damaging.

Take supplements – Taking a multivitamin will help the body get what it needs to stay healthy, which is the best thing for your hair.  When the body is healthy, new growth of hair is too and healthy strong hair doesn’t break as much.

Invest in a great shampoo – Purchase a shampoo that contains vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.  These nutrients can keep the hair strong and healthy and remove damaging build-up. Sulfate free shampoos are best because they clean your hair without removing oils that your scalp needs.

Decreasing hair breakage can have a great effect on the look and feel of your hair!  It will not only look healthier, but it will be thicker, shinier and much more manageable…and who doesn’t want that?!?

As I started to think about how to avoid breakage, I realized I need to show my hair a little more love in general. From being gentle when towel drying and brushing to loosening my top knot, a little love can go a long way.

What are you going to do to show your hair some love?

<3 – Emily

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Fall 2012 Must Have Hair Accessories

I just love hair accessories! You know those days when you don’t even know where to start when it comes to styling your hair? Or the days that you spend all this time on your hair just to feel like there’s something missing? Hair accessories can come to the rescue! They not only make it easy to add style to an otherwise boring do, they can also give a little inspiration and sometimes that’s all I need to turn an ok hair day into a great one.

Whether you’re looking to pump up the volume, add flavor to a bland style, or make your effortless do seem effortful, there are endless hair accessory options this fall.

Fall 2012 Must Have Hair Accessories
With options ranging from formal, handmade, and pricey to casual, inexpensive and just wacky, narrowing down the search is key.  For everyday hair needs, I look for hair accessories that are casual, easy, fun and trendy.

With that in mind, these are my must have fall accessories for 2012:

  1. This light weight beanie is perfect for fall and looks amazing with a side, messy braid. The sparkles add a sophisticated touch to this grungy look.
  2. A double headband takes a messy pony or bun up a notch and these 80’s inspired colors are sure to keep your day bright.
  3. Ponytail hardware is all the rage and I love the Geo Ponytail Holder in particular because it’s super trendy, but still dainty unlike some of the others.
  4. This goddess-looking stretch flower headband looks great with loose curls and can dress up a more casual outfit.
  5. With size options ranging from mini to extra large, these hair doughnuts are a cheap way to make a perfect bun every time.
  6. Want to wear your hair down, but add a little (or big) something? The Jumbo Hair Clip will keep the hair out of your face and will definitely turn some heads.

No matter which accessory you chose to try out this fall, Ovation styling products (Volume Enhancer and Thermal Protection spray) will keep your hair voluminous and healthy looking all day.

What accessories are you falling for this fall?

–  Emily

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Ovation Hair Product Reviews

I wanted to give a thank you shout out to Tammy S. who sent us this review last week!

“This product is AMAZING and my hair has never looked better or fuller! I have baby fine hair and since my children and Thyroid problems [it]has gone really sparse on the top. Since I have used the Shampoo and Crème rinse it is so full and shiny! People complement me all the time! I am slowly using the treatment because I wanted to see if I liked the other stuff first and I do!!!! I will be going all in with all the products. I also am using the Volumizer and Thermal protector. I cannot thank you enough for having this so I can be happy about doing my hair again!!!

Thanks so much!!”

While on the subject of client testimonials, I wanted to share our YouTube page for those who haven’t seen it.  It’s a place to see reviews from both male and female clients with all hair types.

Ovation Hair Product Reviews on You Tube


Enjoy your weekend! – Emily

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Hairstyles for Fine Hair – 3 Ways to Make Waves

Hair Styles for Fine Hair - 3 Ways to Make WavesI have major full hair envy. I see all these seemingly effortless hairstyles where the hair goes on forever and think, “I wish”!

Thanks to products like Ovation Cell Therapy and accessories like the sock bun, even I can take my hair from limp and lifeless to full and bodylicious.  There are also countless styles out there that add volume to fine hair like mine.  My personal favorite is still the loose curl look.  Unless you’ve never been on Pinterest (aka hiding under a rock), you’ve seen numerous ways to get these so-called beachy waves.  Here’s the thing…many of the tutorials I’ve seen and tried just don’t work on my stick straight, fine hair.

So, in a state of end-of-summer denial, I went on a search and found three effective and easy ways to get those beachy waves, specifically for fine hair.

  1. Mini buns (overnight) – Separate almost dry hair into 5-10 pieces.  The more pieces, the tighter the curl. Twirl the strand, and then curl it up into a bun. Pin or use a hair tie to secure them and make sure the ends are included in the bun. Sleep with the buns it, then simply pull them out in the morning.  Some of the buns may fall out overnight so have your curling iron ready.
  2. Flat iron, pull and twist (30 minutes and a little practice) – I know I said “easy” in the intro above and this one isn’t difficult, but it does take a bit of practice and maybe a few You Tube tutorials. First, use Ovation’s Thermal Protection spray to avoid damage from the flat iron heat.  Start with the bottom of your hair, clip the top of the hair out of the way.  Hold a section (thin or thick depending on the curl you’re looking for) and pull the flat iron through the hair to about 4-6 inches away from your head. Start with one panel of the flat iron facing you. Pull a few inches then twist so the other panel is facing you.  Its twist, pull, twist, pull till you’re at the end of the strand.  Wait til the hair is cool to run your fingers or a wide tooth comb through it.
  3. Curling iron wrap around (30-45 minutes) – This is easiest if you use a curling iron similar to this. I love this particular one because it comes with a glove! Again, start by using Ovation’s Thermal Protection (link) spray to avoid damage from the curling iron.  First, you’re going to separate the hair into pieces and clip the rest out of the way.  Start at about 4-6 inches from your head and wrap each piece of hair around the curling iron.  Using a glove makes it easier wrap the entire length of the hair without burning your fingers. Repeat those steps for each piece of hair and wait for it to cool.  Lastly, run your fingers or a wide tooth comb through it.

I suggest trying a few of these out to see which results you like best, then just enjoy your voluminous, curly hair!

For photos and more detailed instructions, see our “Hair How Tos” board on Pinterest.  While you’re there, make sure to follow our boards for fun hair stuff and exclusive Ovation Promotions!

If you’re looking for an easier way to add volume on an every day basis, make sure to use the Advanced Cell Therapy System.  For more information about Ovation Hair, visit our website: www.ovationhair.com

Have a good hair day! – Emily

Photo credit – self.com
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Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair

In the last post we discussed foods that provide nutrients to promote thicker, stronger, and longer hair.

Did you know that Ovation hair care products contain many of the same vitamins and proteins? They do! And I don’t know about you, but when it comes to things that are being absorbed into my scalp, words like vitamins, plant extracts, and proteins are what I want to hear.

This means that while you’re cleansing and conditioning your hair with Ovation, you’re providing the scalp with beneficial ingredients, resulting in healthy hair!

The products in our hair care line contain many ingredients (you can see them here), but what makes them unique is that each one of them contains our special blend of extracts, vitamins, and proteins. This combination of Ovation nutrients is designed to enhance the appearance and the condition of the hair through action at the scalp, root and hair fiber itself. Here are some of the other natural ingredients that are included in our Cell Therapy Systems:

  • Keratin Protein a protein derived from sheep’s wool, this extract contains the needed amino acids to help repair damaged hair and nails.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice a leaf juice derived from the Aloe Vera Leaf that has a history of healing and soothing burns and skin irritations.  It also contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Carotene (vitamin A), and Folic Acid which promotes healing and cellular renewal.
  • Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract Saw Palmetto Extract is derived from palm fruit and blocks DHT and antigen receptors which is one of the causes of baldness.
  • Allantoin a healing and soothing plant extract for the skin and scalp.

Our products do not contain any medicine or chemicals and our Advanced Cell Therapy formula is paraben and sulfate free.  We take pride in our high quality ingredients that promote the health of the scalp, hair cells and follicles to provide the best results for thicker, longer, stronger hair.

For more information on our products and their benefits, click here.

Enjoy! – Emily

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What Foods to Eat For Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair

What if you were told that you could have thicker, stronger, longer hair by adding brussels sprouts and liver to your daily diet…would you do it? While both of these actually do promote healthy hair, even those who really want to improve their hair might not think it’s worth it.

Fortunately for non-liver-lovers like me, there are plenty of both healthy and delicious foods that support the overall health of our hair.  Whether you’re already eating these foods or not, it’s good to know which ones are said to specifically promote thicker, stronger, and longer hair.

Thicker Hair – Halibut, strawberries, raspberries, swiss chard, carrots, onions, cauliflower, and cucumber.

These foods contain biotin which is said to increase the hair’s elasticity and prevent breakage.

Ovation HairStronger Hair – Fortified whole-grain cereals, nuts, egg yolks, meat, oysters, liver, wheat germ, soy, pumpkin seeds, shrimp, and mussels.

These foods are a great source of Zinc, which is important for hair tissue growth and repair.

Cereals like Total or Multigrain cheerios have not only zinc, but also iron and other essential vitamins (B in particular) to replenish the hair follicle when they need it most…in the morning.

Longer Hair – Chicken breast, lean red meats and fish, beans, yogurt and skim milk.

Calcium and protein are both essential nutrients for hair growth.  Many dairy products are not only a great source of calcium, but also contain the protein rich ingredients whey and casein.

Ovation HairLean meats including chicken, fish, and red meats contain the most easily absorbed iron, which are essential in providing oxygen to the hair follicle.

Beans are a great vegetarian source of protein and also contain iron and zinc.

In addition, these are some common hair “super foods”. They serve multiple functions that are great for all aspects of your hair.

Salmon – Salmon contains not only B-vitamins and protein, but also selenium which strengthens the hair strands.  Lastly it’s the best source of omega-3 fatty acid, the scalps favorite nutrient.

Citrus Fruits – Foods high in Vitamin C such as grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, and lemons help form collagen on the hair follicle. This keeps the strands strong and healthy which in turn promotes optimal growth.

Keep in mind, if you decide to add some of these foods to your diet, you won’t see the effects right away. In fact, it may take six months or more before you see results.  In the meantime, try using our Cell Therapy product (if you aren’t already). Also, choose the foods you enjoy and stay motivated! Thicker, Stronger, Longer hair is within reach.

– Emily

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Reward yourself with our New and Improved Loyalty Rewards Program

At Ovation, we love our customers! That is precisely why we’ve created a new and improved Loyalty Rewards Program with you in mind.

We’re beyond excited about the program and we think you will be too.  Here are the top five reasons you should sign up asap!

  1. It’s FREE…really…always and forever.
  2. Anyone can join! Whether you’ve purchased with us in the past or thinking about it for the future, the benefits are worth signing up for.
  3. It is truly rewarding.  The new program allows you to earn valuable points on every dollar you spend with us.  These points are redeemed for Loyalty Reward certificates that will apply like cash towards a future order!
  4. The points are just the beginning. As a Loyalty Rewards Member you will also have access to exclusive promotions, beauty tips, event invites, and much more.
  5. It’s self-sustaining. You automatically earn points on every single purchase you make. Once you reached 50 points, we will automatically send you a Loyalty Certificate for $32.50. The more you shop, the more Loyalty Certificates you’ll receive.

JOIN NOW to start earning points and much more!

If you’d like to find out more information about the new Loyalty Rewards Program click here.

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Beat the Heat with These Easy Up-Dos

This late-summer heat wave is a perfect excuse not to spend hours styling your hair, but it’s definitely not the time to neglect your style in general.  Luckily, it has inspired some fun, chic, and easy-to-style dos that are guaranteed to keep you cool (in more ways than one).

These three styles not only beat the heat, but are my favorite because whether you’re headed to the office, back-to-school, or even to the grocery store, they’ll save you time.  In ten minutes or less, your hair will be ready for the day…and the best part, no one has to know!

The oh-so-popular top knot – By far the coolest of options, the top knot bun can be worn tight or messy. To embrace your inner hipster, pull a tight pony extra high and create a tidy bun. The top knot is best when wanting to show off a fun collar or statement necklace and is my absolute favorite when accompanied by blunt bangs.

The fishtail braid – This takes a bit more time and even a little practice, but is a great option if you’re looking to dress up a casual outfit or to compliment a classy look in no time.  Since I haven’t attempted a fishtail braid since grade school, this tutorial helped me immensely.  I love how with this look, imperfections are encouraged.

Messy low bun – Whether your hair is long or short, you can achieve the beautiful-mess look by creating a low bun from a super loose pony. In my opinion, the more disheveled the bun looks, the better so run your fingers through and pull some hair down in front. The best part of the messy bun is that you can really make it your own.   If you have fine hair and want to add to your mini-bun, try the sock approach. If you want to mess it up to the max, pull it to the side or add some intermittent braids.

Photo credits: instyle.com & wwen.com

Which look do you like best? I’d love to know!

In the meantime, stay “cool.” – Emily

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Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair from Ovation Hair Products

At Ovation Hair, we offer products made with natural ingredients designed to help your hair’s health, shine and texture. The Ovation Cell Therapy system has been used by customers all over the world. See below some of their feedback. For more information, please visit www.OvationHair.com and join the Ovation Nation today!

“THANK YOU LOVE THE PRODUCT and will keep using them!”

“I am totally pleased withe the Cell Therapy Product & fully in intend on continuing to use the ovation products!  I have recommended the products to several of my friends!!!”

“I am enjoying the products.  They really do leave my hair feeling a lot from other shampoos and conditioners I have used before.”

“It definitely made my hair much stronger than what it ever was.”

“I like the spray on volume product and the thermal protection product. The volume product actually makes my hair wavy and fuller. i have very thin hair i use it everyday.”

“Thank You this product Is Amazing”

Thanks to all of our customers who take the time to share their stories. Keep them coming!

Your Ovation Hair Team

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Stories from “Ovation Nation”: Ovation Hair Products Rock!

As the Ovation Nation grows with more and more customers sharing their stories, blogs and videos, we want to continue to express our appreciation for your feedback. Ovation Hair cares about your hair and is committed to helping it grow longer, stronger and thicker from using natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals. Check out our membership and get great discounts at www.OvationHair.com.

“I am completely satisfied with the results.  I didn’t know my hair could have such shine and volume without using stiff and sticky products.  My daughter has extremely fine and oily hair and I plan to give her the basic set for her next birthday.”

“This product has exceeded its claims !!!   It is amazing !!!!   I am so glad my daughter and I tried it.”

“My wife’s hair was very dry and thinning.  She was very distressed over this.  Our daughter recommended your product.  We were a little skeptical when she first started using your products, but after noticing the great improvement in her had, my wife will not use anything else.”

“I am a hair stylist and i brought this product for my daughter as the products that we had been using did not give us the results that we received from ovations……it is the best and my daughter and I are extremely happy with this product, please don’t change a thing about it…..Thank You!!!!!!!!!!”

“I think the Ovation Hair system is excellent. I have always had baby fine hair and it’s now I have even less hair now that I’m older. It really makes my hair fuller, I gave my mother some as a gift and she noticed the difference after the first try. Thank you.”

Ovation Hair products include the Advanced Ovation Cell Therapy system, the Men’s Max system and Ovation Styling Products. Order online at www.OvationHair.com.

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