Ovation Hair and National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Ovation Hair & A4KOvation Hair was founded on family values and as a family owned business, we’re greatly concerned about the health and safety of our future generations.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and in support of that, we’re working with two very special organizations, The A4K Club and Children Without a Voice.  These organizations are dedicated to raising awareness of all types of child violence and have developed programs to encourage kids to stand up and speak out against bullying.  On April 22nd, A4K and CWAV will be leading a nationwide March Against Child Abuse.

We’re proud to financially support this walk, A4K, and CWAV by donating one dollar per Facebook LIKE from now until April 22nd.

Please take just a minute of your time to join this fundraising campaign – http://woobox.com/djgysi

Child abuse and bullying statistics are staggering with 1 out of 4 teens being bullied and 3 million reported cases of child abuse every year (experts say about 6 million go unreported).  All of this can be prevented and will only happen with organizations like A4K and CWAV who are dedicated to eradicating this violence.  They are determined to not only educate and raise awareness, but also continue to push the community and government to make pertinent changes.

To find out more about the A4K club and CWAV, click here:


Every like and dollar makes a difference so please share this link – http://woobox.com/djgysi! Thank you for your support.

–          Emily


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