Healthy Hair Series: Use a Wide Tooth Comb for Thicker Hair

Here at Ovation, it’s no secret that we want you to have healthy hair.  Because we don’t create miracles we can’t promise to create that for you, BUT with our product line specifically made to promote healthy hair and our knowledge of the how your hair works, we’d love to help you achieve the healthiest hair possible.  With that in mind, we’re developing a series of posts on the blog all about hair health.  This series will include tips and tricks on both how to improve the hair you have and improve the health of future growth.  Not only that, the tips we’ll discuss are meant to help you achieve Thicker, Stronger, and Longer hair! Some tips will be quick and easy, things you can do every day.  Others may require a bit of dedication or explanation and we’ll dive into those too.

This series is meant to be interactive so let us know if you have input or suggestions.  We’d love to hear what you you’d like to achieve and we can discuss ways in which to get there.

Use a wide tooth comb for thicker hair
Today’s Healthy Hair Tip: Use a Wide Tooth Comb for Thicker Hair

Making the switch to a wide tooth comb from your everyday brush seems a little weird, right? There are a lot of people that think they serve two entirely different purposes. The fact is, they don’t and making that simple change can have huge benefits.  Brushing your hair, especially vigorous brushing or with harsh bristle brushes can literally rip your hair apart.  Not only does this break pieces off, it pulls healthy strands completely out, especially when the hair is wet. Over time this leaves your hair weak and lifeless.

Using a wide tooth comb gently detangles the hair so it decreases breakage and shedding which will keep your hair strong.  Strong hair strands are thicker, creating an overall fuller head of hair. Sounds easy for some, but I know that using a comb like this won’t work for everyone every day.  If you have a hair type where a wide tooth comb isn’t ideal for primary use, consider working it into your hair routine in some way.  Decreasing brush use to a few times a week can make a difference.  Remember it’s really important to be gentle; patience is the key to avoid breakage while detangling your hair.  The best thing about today’s tip is that wide tooth combs are inexpensive.  Even the best brands are under $5 so it’s at least worth giving it a try.

Healthier, thicker hair is within reach!

–           Emily

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