2012 Halloween Costumes that are all about the Hair

Halloween is only a few weeks away and for many, the holiday can sneak up leaving people scrambling for last minute costumes, candy, and decorations.

That is definitely not the case for me. I am one of those Halloween people…I started planning my costume back in February and have since been perfecting every detail.  I’ve pinned all the latest Halloween decorations and plan on diy-ing each and every one of them.

If you’ve done any searching at all you’ve probably noticed the costume trends, but in case you haven’t let me enlighten you…

As they are every year, reality star inspired costumes are among the most popular.  People of all ages will be impersonating pop stars, pageant stars, celebrity couples, and political figures.  Zombies and vampires are back and spookier than ever.  The fiction inspired costumes might be my favorite coming in all forms from serious and dramatic characters in Hunger Games to the fun and innocent Angry Birds.

In my pursuit of Halloween costume perfection I’ve run across many costumes where the hair can make or break the ensemble.  And because at Ovation, we’re all about the hair, these are some of this year’s BEST hair focused Halloween costumes.

Fictional characters:  You can’t pull off Pricess Leia, Repunzel or a good pirate costume without the appropriate hair. You just can’t!
Halloween Costumes that are all about the Hair
Reality TV stars: The right hair piece can take these reality star costumes from confusing to very cool.
Reality TV Halloween Costumes
New for 2012: These Halloween costumes are not only new, they involve some awesome hair.  With unique and fun costumes options like these this year, you can’t go wrong.
Popular Halloween Costumes for 2012

The best part about Halloween is that the options for costumes are truly endless.  I can’t wait to see what people come up with!  Not using a wig or hair piece this year? Don’t forget about Ovation products for heat protection and volume enhancement while styling your Halloween do.

Whether you decide on a costume that’s scary, humorous, creative, or one of the classics, be safe and have fun this Halloween!

–          Emily

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