Does Ovation Cell Therapy Work? Client Testimonial

At Ovation, we love hearing from our clients and we’re lucky to get product reviews and testimonials on a daily basis.  This one came in last week from Maria A:

“I am part Chinese. I have always had thick hair, but it was always coarse and opinionated. Now it minds me! My stylist comes from a family who has been ‘in the business’ for more than one generation. Neither she nor her mother can believe the changes it has made in my hair. There have always been so many styles I liked, but they’d say…”ummm, not for your hair”…but now, I am going to get one of the cute cuts I had never been able to have before! Thanks!!

We’re so glad to hear that Maria, thank you! Enjoy that new cute cut you’re able to get.

–          Emily

For those of you who’d like to check out more Ovation reviews, visit our YouTube channel.  For more information on our products, check out the Ovation Hair website.

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2 thoughts on “Does Ovation Cell Therapy Work? Client Testimonial

  1. Mel D says:

    I have been using the Ovation Hair products for about 5 months and I have to say I love them. When I started using them, my hair was about an inch long all over and very thin and fine. My hair has grown at an amazing rate and is much thicker. I have had two haircuts where she has taken a total of 3 inches off! I’m growing it out and am excited that its fuller, thicker, and healthier! Thanks Ovation!!

  2. Ovation Hair says:

    That’s great Mel! Thanks for letting us know, enjoy!

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