Fall 2012 Must Have Hair Accessories

I just love hair accessories! You know those days when you don’t even know where to start when it comes to styling your hair? Or the days that you spend all this time on your hair just to feel like there’s something missing? Hair accessories can come to the rescue! They not only make it easy to add style to an otherwise boring do, they can also give a little inspiration and sometimes that’s all I need to turn an ok hair day into a great one.

Whether you’re looking to pump up the volume, add flavor to a bland style, or make your effortless do seem effortful, there are endless hair accessory options this fall.

Fall 2012 Must Have Hair Accessories
With options ranging from formal, handmade, and pricey to casual, inexpensive and just wacky, narrowing down the search is key.  For everyday hair needs, I look for hair accessories that are casual, easy, fun and trendy.

With that in mind, these are my must have fall accessories for 2012:

  1. This light weight beanie is perfect for fall and looks amazing with a side, messy braid. The sparkles add a sophisticated touch to this grungy look.
  2. A double headband takes a messy pony or bun up a notch and these 80’s inspired colors are sure to keep your day bright.
  3. Ponytail hardware is all the rage and I love the Geo Ponytail Holder in particular because it’s super trendy, but still dainty unlike some of the others.
  4. This goddess-looking stretch flower headband looks great with loose curls and can dress up a more casual outfit.
  5. With size options ranging from mini to extra large, these hair doughnuts are a cheap way to make a perfect bun every time.
  6. Want to wear your hair down, but add a little (or big) something? The Jumbo Hair Clip will keep the hair out of your face and will definitely turn some heads.

No matter which accessory you chose to try out this fall, Ovation styling products (Volume Enhancer and Thermal Protection spray) will keep your hair voluminous and healthy looking all day.

What accessories are you falling for this fall?

–  Emily

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