Ovation Hair is “LIVE” at the San Diego County Fair

Stop by Ovation Hair’s booth the San Diego county fair opening June 8th!

Visit the Ovation Hair booth at the upcoming California Summer Fairs.

Ovation Hair is pleased to announce that it will be onsite at the upcoming summer events including the San Diego County Fair, the Orange County Fair and the Los Angeles County Fair. The Ovation Hair booth always attracts a large crowd of men and women seeking information about their products, from the Ovation Cell Therapy system to the Men’s Max Pack to their styling products. The San Diego County Fair starts June 8th and ends July 4th. The Orange County Fair starts July 13th and the Los Angeles County Fair starts August 31st.

“We enjoy being onsite at the Southern California fairs and interacting with our customers in person. At Ovation Hair, we are committed to helping you grow thicker, stronger, longer hair and sharing these products with your friends and family,” says Vice President of Sales, Carlee Cayton.

Ovation Hair is also updating their testimonial library, for both for their website and the “Ovation Nation” online presence.  There will be a screening process for clients who want to participate by providing testimonials.  “We will be taking photographs and asking clients to write down what they love about Ovation.  Then we will follow up with clients after the fairs,” states Carlee Cayton.  Customer service representatives from Ovation Hair will be on site to set appointments for the customer testimonials.

The Ovation Hair website at www.OvationHair.com provides more information about all of the Ovation Hair products. All product formulas include vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, and aromatherapy scents that blend and complement each other to provide the best results. Join their Facebook page and subscribe to their Blog to give your feedback and receive updates on Ovation Hair products and discounts. Become a member and receive special offers on member-only products while also earning points for discounts.

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