Real Life Testimonials

“I just wanted to say I AM SKEPTICAL!! But after 3 months of using product, I am seeing actual NEW hair growth. I could not believe my eyes this morning when I first noticed. I just received my new bottle of Cell Therapy yesterday. When I first started, I noticed texture difference within a week…and my hair did not grow fast and now I have to trim it every month. Even now my boyfriend is like your hair is getting so long!!!….but now, OMG. I am a TRUE believer. Seeing the NEW hair growth. Actually SEEING IT. Thank you . I am anxious to see what the next three months have in store.”

– Kimberly Stewart, Fairburn, Ga

“I just wanted to let you know that I love Ovation Hair. I recently went to the salon to get my hair permed, cut and styled. The stylist did a horrible job of cutting my hair. It was the worst haircut of my life, I cried and I was embarrassed to go outside. I had to curl my hair really tight so you couldn’t see how bad it was. I heard about ovation and ordered it. I tried it and was amazed. My hair was really soft. I noticed it was looking fuller and to was growing. Within a month time, my hair really grew out. No more embarrassment. I love this product. Unfortunately I lost my job and I can’t afford to continue to purchase this product, but as soon as I get another job, I will be ordering these products again. Ovation Hair really works. thanks for a great product that do what it says its going to do.”

– Sonya Cox, Evergreen Park, IL

“I’m 25 and after our second child was born my hair started falling out so much that my husband was having to unclog the drain once a month! I’ve been using your product for a few weeks and my hair loss is about half of what it was before and less is falling out every day. It also feels smoother and more manageable. I was skeptical but desperate and shocked at the price; but my husband told me that he would love me even if I was bald but if I was unhappy I should try it, and I’m very glad i did.”

– Anne Coyne, Chula Visa, Ca

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